Interviewer to Tegan: “You wouldn’t try to mount it?”


You could totally see how much Sara wanted to make a sexual joke. It probably took all of her self-control to stay quiet. haha

It looks like it took all her self-control. Haha!


I mean, for god’s sake.


I don’t jump in real life, why would I jump in a photo? 
I have weak ankles and I’m not competitive.
Look how hard everyone is trying. 

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  • Interviewer: Did you worry about your sister?
  • Sara: I think early in life I took it on that, “Okay, Tegan’s a spazz and I probably need to carry her through life.” I think that really bothers her, so I try to keep in mind that she’s a functioning adult who’s managed to get through life without me by her side all the time.
  • I know when we first got off the road and she got out of the relationship, she was pretty manic, going from happy to depressed. I went to Vancouver and she looked different to me. Like, she was wearing different clothes. I showed up at her house really late and she hadn’t prepared at all. There was a mattress downstairs I had to carry up, and I was sleeping in this storage closet with dirty instrument cases in it. I just remember being totally overwhelmed by this swelling anxiety because, beside the fact that I was completely displaced and uncomfortable, I was like, “What is going on? Is she doing crack?!” I had to realize, “This is her life and she has to figure it out for herself. I can’t move in and take care of her.” I remember when I got back I told our mom how worried I was about Tegan and she said, “What, you don’t think she was worried about you when you ran off to Montreal and didn’t call anybody?” I was like, “Oh yeah… right.”